High Five® Brand

High Five® Brand Transition

High Five® Transition to Microflex® Brand

Microflex is proud to welcome High Five products into the Microflex brand. This change is being initiated to simplify and support our branding strategy, using Microflex as the core brand for single use gloves. We are focused on making this transition virtually seamless to our distributors and end user customers.

Below are the specific details of what to expect with the brand transition:

  • Product Codes: There are no changes to product codes/reorder numbers.
    • Order placement is unchanged by this transition.
  • Product Artwork Update: The High Five name (often on the bottom right or upper left corners of packaging) will be replaced with Microflex.
    • There will not be any changes to dispenser or shipper dimensions
    • Note that aloe gloves will remain under the High Five name
  • Timing: Packaging updates are being made on a rolling basis. Depending on inventory levels, updated packaging began entering our warehouses in late 2014 and will be distributed as received
  • Glove Performance: The brand migration does not affect glove specifications or product performance. Glove formulations will remain the same.

Thank you for your loyalty and support. We are here to assist you during this transition and if you have any questions please contact us.

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