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For some time now, glove manufacturers and the healthcare industry alike have been moving towards powder-free gloves, which have been shown to be safer for both patients and healthcare workers. This evolution is set to accelerate, as on December 19, 2016, the FDA published the final rule to ban powdered surgical gloves, powdered patient examination gloves, and absorbable powder used for lubricating surgical gloves. The FDA ruled these products present unreasonable and substantial risk to health care providers, patients and other individuals.

While medical gloves play a significant role in protecting patients, healthcare providers, and other individuals, exposure to powdered surgical and examination gloves may cause a number of undesirable reactions. Powdered gloves have been associated with severe airway inflammation, hypersensitivity reactions, allergic reactions (including asthma), lung inflammation, and post-surgical complications such as adhesions. These adverse events have been attributed to the use of glove powder with all types of gloves. In addition, aerosolized glove powder can carry proteins that may cause respiratory allergic reactions.

In response to the FDA ban on US powdered patient examination gloves, Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, is committed to helping its valued customers manage the process of converting to appropriate alternatives.

Up until, but not after, January 31, 2017 (two weeks after the FDA ban effective date of January 18, 2017), Ansell will replace any unexpired powdered medical glove with an equivalent powder-free or industrial grade powdered glove for end user customers. Customers should contact their chosen distributor to return the powdered product. Ansell will provide an equivalent replacement at the same price for each case returned. This offer is limited to case quantities only in original, unopened packaging.

If you are using powdered examination gloves for medical applications, in which wearers come in contact with patients, please visit this page for more information about recommended alternatives.

If you use powdered examination gloves for industrial applications, visit this page to learn more about how this ban will impact the powdered gloves you purchase today.

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